GIRS 2021
Active Oscillation Damping in Mobile Hydraulic Machinery


Comfort, safety and drivability on construction equipment are essential to guarantee health and safety of the operators, maintain high productivity and reduce cycle times. To overcome the absence of axle suspensions, full-size construction vehicles are typically equipped with an additional hydraulic circuit attached to the lift boom actuators. The most diffused solution, called Passive Ride Control, is characterized by the addition of an accumulator and a dissipating orifice to damp the front-end loader oscillations while the vehicle is driven over uneven ground. The proposed alternative, gets rid of the additional circuitry and uses an electronically controlled pump and an independent metering valve (that substitute the standard corresponding components) in order to reduce the oscillations. A pressure feedback control strategy was first tested on a non-linear simulation model and later implemented on the actual reference machine. Eventually, we were able to reach and occasionally overcome the comfort performance of the commercially available solution, while removing the Passive Ride Control additional elements.